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The Latest News From Bright MLS:
SCAOR Just received an update from Bright MLS which covers the conversion date, their holiday support hours, and the status of their Pennsylvania conversion:
Bright MLS Video - Customer Portal:

To get a sneak-peak of what's happening at Bright MLS, check out their news page, where you can find webinars, videos, and updates.  For instance, here's a walkthrough-preview video of their new client portal.

Intro to Bright MLS - Big Bright Event
Big Bright Event - Handouts:

Here are two documents Bright MLS handed out to all our attendees.  Pay special attention to the "8 Bright MLS Rules to Know" sheet - it gives a preview of Bright MLS Property types and statuses.

[ 8 Bright MLS Rules to Know ] || [ Intro to Bright Booklet ]